Molecular Biology and Genetics

The aim of the Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory (MBG Lab) is to facilitate the diagnosis of infectious diseases and help with breeding programs by providing modern and cutting-edge technologies.

1. DNA Identification

The microsatellite DNA sequences consist of tandem repeated nucleotide motifs occurring throughout the genomes of eukaryotes. Microsatellites are currently the markers of choice for individual identification and the molecular characterisation of livestock genetic resources.
  • Animal Genotyping
  • Paternity Verification
  • Milk Authentication

2.MOLECULAR Detection

PCR based assays are used to provide
  • Pathogen Identification
  • Avian Sexing
  • Avian Species Identification


  • Chromosome Karyotyping
  • FISH-localization of genes and
    molecular markers
  • Meiotic study in animals, Spermatogenesis

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