Biochemistry and Haematology

CVRL’s team investigates chemical and blood processes in animals. We perform biochemistry parameters for all animals, avians and aquatic animals using two Hitachi 912 fully automated biochemistry analysers.

The following biochemistry tests are performed in different species:

Routine Blood ParametersOther Blood ParametersSpecial Tests
IronElectrolytesSerum Amyloid (SAA)
LDHAlkaline Phosphatase (ALP)Total Antioxidant Status(TAS)
SGOT/ASTUric AcidSuper Oxide Dismutase(SOD
SGPT/ALTGlucoseGlutathione Peroxidase (GPX)
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)MagnesiumHaptoglobin
Total Protein (TP)BilirubinFibrinogen

The department is equipped with an automated haematology analyser, a Sysmex xt 2000i, Cell Dyn - 3700.

Haematology machines have been calibrated for almost all animals and bird species. We perform blood smear studies and blood parasites studies, as well as complete blood counts.

Quality Control
The Haematology department is registered in the UK Neqas external quality control programme. Quality control tests are conducted on monthly basis in this programme.

Our Biochemistry department is registered in EQAS external quality control from Bio-Rad laboratories, USA. We are ranked 1st in the UAE and 8th Worldwide in the EQAS external quality control programme in 2010.

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