Integrating animal husbandry (breeding and raising livestock) with veterinary diagnosis and research is a principal practice of any veterinary laboratory. At CVRL, animal husbandry plays a vital role in the care, welfare and management of animals and birds.

CVRL has an onsite state-of-the-art poultry building that houses 700 chickens. We import parent stocks from Germany and the Czech Republic and rear them in a controlled, disease free environment. Our team produces fertile eggs by artificially inseminating the hens. These eggs are used for the purpose of disease diagnosis, vaccine production and avian conservation research.

We have an excellent laboratory animal facility that can house mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and hares. These animals are used for various diagnostic and research works such as toxin testing, Strauss reactions for glanders diagnosis, skin allergy tests, feeding trials and more.

Our Animal Husbandry department also looks after experimental camels and horses that are used for camel antibody production and vaccine trials. These animals are used only after fully considering the opportunities to minimise their use through replacement, reduction or refinement of experimental procedures.

Animal ethical guidelines are practiced on all aspects of care, handling and management of these animals.

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